Devonte Is Excelling In Math and Counting His Pennies

By Eric Steckel | January 31, 2023

Your Support Empowers Him to Succeed with Path2Math and FamilyBridge
Devonte and Mr. Carl counting money.

FamilyBridge helps connect parents and caregivers with their child’s tutor. Mr. Carl was able to help Devonte learn to count money—and excel in math—when the boy’s mother shared her concern with him.

As a mother, Lashanna was worried when she saw her son Devonte* struggling with math and reading during the COVID pandemic. Desperate for a solution, she enrolled Devonte in Path2Math. Through your support, Devonte has made incredible progress by working with his one-on-one tutor, Mr. Carl, over the past few months.

“He’s got a really positive attitude, he focuses well, and he’s open to learning and trying new things,” Mr. Carl shared, expressing his admiration for Devonte’s determination and growth.

Thanks to your gift, Lashanna has seen firsthand the transformative power of a caring tutor.

You can empower a child to build bridges of hope!

Our Vision is that every struggling child is reached by a caring community at a critical time in their life to nurture hope, the courage to dream, and the opportunity to thrive.

Her family’s journey doesn’t stop there. Recognizing the importance of a supportive community, she also enrolled in FamilyBridge, a program designed to provide parents with the skills, confidence, and tools needed to accelerate their child’s learning.

“I had other children struggle in school…I wish I had known about FamilyBridge a long time ago.”—Lashanna, Devonte’s mother,

“It’s motivation,” Lashanna said. “If you feel like, ‘He’s not getting it,’ and you start doubting yourself, that’s where FamilyBridge comes in.”

Mr. Carl helps Devonte excel in math.

Your support of Path2Math means Devonte receives one-on-one tutoring and care from Mr. Carl.

Through FamilyBridge, Lashanna connected with Path2Math clinic coordinators and Mr. Carl. A few weeks ago, when Devonte struggled to count change at a store, Mr. Carl was able to bring in actual money for him to handle and work with during their next session. “Devonte caught on to that very quickly,” Carl said, illustrating the success of the program.

For Lashanna, the impact of Path2Math and FamilyBridge has been immeasurable. “I had other children struggle in school, and I said, ‘I wish I had known about FamilyBridge a long time ago,’” she shared.

Thanks to your gifts, FamilyBridge will provide vital support and resources to Lashanna, empowering her to help Devonte excel in math.

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