Path2Math Tutoring Program Set To Launch

By Eric Steckel | September 20, 2018

Volunteer Math Tutor Program a Partnership With Oakland Unified School District

As we settle into a new school year, Children Rising staff are feverishly putting the final touches to our program preparations and are eager to begin working with wonderful new students. This year, there is added excitement in the air as we launch our all-new volunteer math tutor program, Path2Math.

Path2Math Volunteer Math Tutor Program helps struggling second grade students learn math fluency

Path2Math is a unique volunteer math tutor program designed to help struggling second grade students learn math fluency.

For those of you paying close attention, you may be thinking, “Didn’t Children Rising offer math tutoring in the past?” Indeed, over the past several years, we responded to the request for math tutors in some of the schools served by our Succeeding by Reading program. What started out as a pilot program is now set to fully launch this year as Path2Math. We are extremely excited to come alongside many more struggling children and help them get back to grade level in their math skills.

However, Path2Math is unique and far more than just ‘scaling up’ our pilot math tutoring program. The Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) told us that there was an unmet need to help struggling students with basic math fluency. Children Rising partnered closely with the OUSD to align the pilot program with the school district’s vision for mathematics. We have spent countless hours reviewing the district curriculum, studying Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, and doing math together, all to develop a program that responds to the needs of the OUSD and matches their vision for student learning. The result has been enthusiastically received by the schools.

Path2Math tutor Reto and Student

Path2Math tutor Reto and a student work on critical math skills. The goal is helping second grade students achieve math fluency.

Unlike other math programs, the focus of Path2Math is to develop foundational skills and critical decision-making that are crucial to long-term success in math. Similar to the importance of students developing reading literacy in the early years of elementary school, Path2Math helps second graders develop math fluency. In other words, it’s about far more than getting better grades. It’s about preparing a student for a life of learning.

Like all Children Rising programs, our ability to serve the children is dependent upon trained, caring volunteers taking the time to make a one-to-one connection over the course of the school year. We have received an outpouring of volunteer interest in Path2Math, but the need is great. If you have interest in becoming a math tutor this year, it’s not too late!

We will be hosting volunteer math tutor training sessions over the coming weeks. We invite you to attend a training and come alongside a struggling child this year.

Math Tutor Training
Friday, September 21
3-7:00 PM

Children Rising
2633 Telegraph Ave #412
Oakland, CA 94612

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