Our Impact

Thanks to children and youth in our programs, and the dedicated volunteers, partners, and staff, Children Rising is making a generational impact in our East Bay communities.

Interventional Literacy and Numeracy Programs

In the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD), the need and urgency for interventional reading and math tutoring is significant. This is particularly true for children of color (primarily Black and Latino) who are growing up in poverty, and attending neighborhood schools most impacted by educational inequity. 2019 standardized testing for these children in third-fifth grade indicated at least 75% were performing substantially below their grade levels in either reading or math. When we reach these children prior to third grade, we can substantially advance their reading and math skills, providing them grade-level abilities, increased confidence, and a much fairer chance of learning and growing in elementary school, middle school, high school, and beyond. We are working to close the academic achievement gap in our under-resourced public schools, one child at a time.

Succeeding By Reading

One-on-one tutoring empowers children in their efforts to learn to read, and encourages them with positive role models, library services, and additional books to fuel the love of reading.
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Co-developed with OUSD math education specialists, our one-on-one tutoring empowers children struggling with math to develop foundational numeracy skills and enhanced critical reasoning abilities, and encourages them with positive role models.
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Many children who are dependent on school-supplied breakfasts and lunches go home to empty cupboards and refrigerators over the weekend. Health4Kids provides bags of nourishing, kid-friendly food for undernourished children to take home from school every other Friday.
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CareerBridge prepares high school students in the most economically disadvantaged areas of Oakland for a meaningful career through business workshops, individual mentorships, and relevant on-the-job experience.
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Check out our 2019-20 Impact Report: