“What’s great is Children Rising provides a really clear framework and set of tools to help you succeed.”

– Laura Engelken
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What does tutoring look like in 2023-24 due to COVID-19?

The children in our Oakland schools are in need of reading and math support more than ever before. Children Rising is looking for additional reading and math tutors for the 2023- 2024 school year. We are resuming in-person tutoring at schools while adhering to COVID-19 guidelines as set by the Oakland Unified School District and expect our volunteers to do the same. Applicants are NO LONGER required to submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination in order to tutor in person. Succeeding by Reading will be tutoring in person only; Path2Math will have both in-person and online tutoring.

When it's available, what does Online Tutoring look like?

For online tutoring, tutors log from home using the provided Zoom link. The students log on from school under the supervision of a Children Rising clinic staff member. A Children Rising clinic coordinator is present to host the meeting, establish tutor-child breakout rooms, and support and coach each tutor as necessary during the session. We follow our proven instruction methodology developed over the years for volunteers to realize success. We have invested in additional tools to make the online delivery fun, interactive, and effective.

Are all Children Rising volunteer opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Yes, currently all our volunteer opportunities are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. The capability to tutor online has enabled people from farther away to volunteer with us, but we prefer volunteer applicants who reside in the greater San Francisco Bay Area or have some personal connection with our East Bay community.

I don’t live in California. Can I still tutor?

Even though we have remote tutoring opportunities, we’re constrained by our contract with the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD), which requires all our volunteers, both in-person and online, to be screened through the California Department of Justice. So you can tutor online from another state as long as you can get a live scan in California: www.applicantservices.com/CRVOLS. We prefer applicants who have some personal connection with our East Bay community.

What if I can’t commit to weekly tutoring?

We have numerous ways to get involved, both sporadically and routinely.  For example, you can help prepare reading clinic supplies during the summer, or assemble our quarterly newsletter mailing.

What if I want to tutor, but don’t think I have the skills?

Children Rising offers training sessions and materials to help you develop tutoring skills. If you know how to read, do basic math, or have helped your own children when they were in first grade, you will find that it comes rather naturally.

Are the children difficult?

We find the children are eager to learn, affectionate, and appreciative. Some children are more challenging than others, and we match tutor skills/preferences with individual children.

What are Children Rising’s most pressing needs now?

We need more tutors, period, but especially in-person tutors.

How do you prevent Children Rising volunteers from seeming “condescending” when coming from a mid to high-income community going into a school that is not?

Children Rising representatives have a relationship with the schools they serve.  We ask them what they need and how we can help. We do not, in any way, tell them what we think they need.

Do I have to get a fingerprint scan?

Yes. All volunteers, online and in-person, are required to pass the Live Scan fingerprint certification. You must get a live scan for Children Rising specifically, even if you’ve already done it for another organization. You can make your live scan appointment by visiting www.applicantservices.com/CRVOLS.

What is a TB Risk Assessment and how do I get it done?

OUSD accepts a TB Risk Assessment in lieu of a TB skin test. The TB Risk Assessment can be completed by a medical provider and will be valid for 4 years. Download and print the TB Risk Assessment and take it to your licensed health care provider. Once completed, submit a copy to our office.

Are there tax benefits of volunteering?

Yes, there are several tax deductions you may be able to take. Learn more.