How can you help an aspiring student learn math skills for life? Personalized tutoring in 2nd grade can make all the difference!

Elementary-school math skills are critical for learning advanced math concepts in middle school and beyond.

And yet so many children living in Oakland’s lowest-income neighborhoods, especially Black and Latinx students, do not have a fair opportunity to understand numbers and learn basic math skills. Path2Math, co-developed with OUSD math specialists in 2018 and based on the common core math curriculum, builds functional numeracy skills and critical reasoning ability.

Second through fifth-grade Children in Path2Math receive one-on-one numeracy tutoring that combines a caring relationship with a personalized learning strategy. Each child referred to the program is paired with a dedicated volunteer tutor for the entire academic year. A meaningful, caring relationship between the tutor and child almost always develops. This is essential to the overall experience and promotes learning and critical social-emotional development.

I want to empower a child to have a fair chance of succeeding in school and… in life!

Path2Math makes it easy for you to nurture and equip a child eager to learn math!

Children Rising programs are successful because we train and coach our volunteer tutors every step of the way. You don’t need to be an educator or skilled mathematician. You just need to be willing to come alongside a child eager to learn, who needs some personal attention by a caring adult to support their efforts to learn. We provide you with everything you need to make a profound difference in the life of a young child.

Introducing Path2Math Anywhere!

In close collaboration with our partner elementary schools, we have incorporated online tutoring into our proven interventional tutoring programs along with in-person tutoring. We are excited about this new functionality as it will allow a wider range of community members to get involved and help more children reach grade level in their math skills.

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