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“’Children Rising cares so much about these kids that it invests the time and effort to train the tutors and provide us with tools to do a good job.”

– Linda Hawkins, Reading Tutor (Read what others are saying)

See how our tutors and students benefit from a one-on-one relationship.

There are many opportunities for YOU to empower a child to become a lifelong learner. Children Rising makes it simple.

We invite YOU to join hundreds of volunteers who are nurturing and equipping students to rise above the challenges they face in school.

Children Rising programs work because individual volunteers, congregations, community-based organizations, corporations, and local businesses share their time with struggling elementary school children living in Oakland’s lowest-income neighborhoods. We offer multiple volunteer opportunities for people and groups to offer their time and talents to enable an eager young child to succeed in school… and in life.

We structure Children Rising programs so that it is easy for you to be effective immediately. Volunteer opportunities include tutoring elementary school children in reading and math, after school homework tutoring for elementary school children, and high school youth mentoring. Whether you are interested in tutoring or volunteering in a different capacity, we will coach and guide you along the way.

Join us! The reward of helping a student succeed in school and grow in personal confidence as they reach their potential is priceless.

PLEASE NOTE: We prefer all volunteer applicants reside in the greater San Francisco Bay Area or have a familiarity with our East Bay community.

I’m interested in becoming a tutor!

5 things you should know about becoming a volunteer tutor

1. No experience is necessary! We provide training, all the materials, and coaching so that you can be effective immediately.

2. Tutoring clinics operate during school hours, Monday thru Friday, and are supported by Children Rising staff. Both morning and afternoon clinic times are available, but also dependent on school needs. Our reading program is conducted onsite in person, while our math program has both in-person and online tutoring opportunities.

3. You work with your students one-on-one. In a two-hour clinic, you tutor one student and then another student for 45 minutes each. We try to pair you with those students for the entire academic year.

4. There are several volunteer screening requirements. Schools require all volunteers who interact with children, whether it’s online or in person, to get a live scan background check. In-person tutors will also need to provide proof of negative TB status.

5. We ask that you commit to coming every week until clinics close in the spring. It is important to show up for your student each week. The children really count on it and look forward to seeing you! That being said, we recognize that life happens and you may need to miss some weeks for vacation or sick days. Just let us know ahead of time.

Volunteer Opportunities: 4 Simple Ways you can help a child reach their potential

“The training and experience of the Children Rising team is very important to success. Their ongoing evaluation of the students, and suggestions for dealing with particular student needs, greatly enhance the ability of the tutor to stimulate progress by the student.”

– Robert Field, Reading Tutor (Read what others are saying)

Children Rising offers many opportunities for you to connect with a student, inspiring hope, and the confidence to succeed. By sharing your time, you connect with a student, a school, and your community.

Succeeding by Reading Tutor

For many of the children we tutor, English is their second language.

Tutor a child in reading
One-on-one time, two hours a week will empower determined second-grade children to rise to their potential. Currently, this role is in-person only. We provide training, support, guidance, and all of the tools required for you to succeed each week. We pair you with a child and offer multiple locations and time slots to accommodate your schedule. Our step-by-step program makes it simple for you to inspire them along their journey to reading. It’s almost certain you will be inspired along the way as you work alongside other volunteers and these amazing children.

Time Commitment: 2 hours once a week, M-F during school hours

Path2Math Tutor

Tutor a child in math
Just two hours of one-on-one time per week, during school, can empower two aspiring second-grade students to learn basic math concepts, develop critical reasoning skills, and grow in confidence as the world of numbers starts to make sense. There are both in-person and online opportunities. We provide training, support, guidance, and all of the tools required for you to succeed each week.  We pair you with each child and offer the most convenient school and time slot to accommodate your schedule. You may find that the time spent with eager students and fellow volunteers is the highlight of your week!

Time Commitment: 2 hours once a week, M-F during school hours

FamilyBridge Homework Tutor

Assist a child with homework
Many parents and caregivers struggle to have enough time after work to provide their children with critical homework support at home. You can assist these families by providing one-on-one homework tutoring for the students in our reading and math programs. Homework tutoring is provided during the structured after-school programming that virtually all of the children in our reading and math programs attend. Tutoring opportunities are in-person, after school, at two of our clinic sites.

Time Commitment: 2 hours once a week, M-Th between the hours of 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Service Projects

We have many service projects that support the work we do for the children. If weekly tutoring is not right for you, you can still assist the children and families we serve by providing a couple of hours of your time when convenient to do so.  Let us know if you are interested in learning more, and we will notify you as projects become available.

Time Commitment: Varies depending on the project.

Start volunteering

With support and encouragement from our staff and fellow volunteers, you can start to make a difference in the lives of children and youth immediately!

I want to help a student reach their potential