Make a gift of sustained support through Monthly Giving

Your monthly gift to Children Rising gives children in Oakland’s lowest-income neighborhoods a fairer chance to succeed in school … and in life.


Oakland LAMPS

Our tutors work one-on-one with an eager child, month after month throughout the school year, providing sustained, nurturing support. Like them, the Oakland LAMPS provide sustained support so children receive the care they need to become lifelong learners, each and every month.

The Oakland LAMPS—Literacy and Math Partners—are passionate supporters who provide hope and promise in our community through monthly giving. When you become a member of the Children Rising Oakland LAMPS, you create a stable environment where we are able to pair eager young learners with a caring adult.

Impact Levels

The Gift of Literacy


Your gift can equip a 2nd-grader with the necessary books, technology, and supplies, enabling them to participate in a full academic year of reading tutoring at school and at home.

The Gift of After-School One-on-One Support


Your gift will pair 1 student with a homework tutor for an entire academic year! Many parents and caregivers struggle with having enough quality time to provide homework assistance for their children. With a dedicated tutor for weekly homework support, children will more confidently learn grade-level lessons, while building essential literacy and math skills.

The Gift of Numeracy


Your gift will send a child their very own math tutor! You will pair a second-grade child with a personal math tutor for an entire academic year, and provide online and at-home learning tools. The eager young child will develop math fluency, improve critical reasoning skills, and confidently learn important STEM building blocks for his future education

Membership Benefits


Tote Bag

Children Rising tote bag


Leather-bound journal and a Children Rising tote bag


Literally Unbelievable: Stories from an East Oakland Classroom — Book signed by the author, Bronwynn Harris, Children Rising tote bag, and Leather-bound journal.


Nafeesa Ahmad-Bey • Scott and Miho Armacost • Ron and Ginger Atkinson • Glenn Ballard • Chris and Chelsea Boniak • Bill and Nancy Branagh • Larry and Betsy Brassea • Chris and Marie Corwin • Walt and Jean Crockett • Curtis and Janice Crum • Lowell and Judith Dawson • Bob and Merrie Dillow • Ginger and Ryan Dole • Henrietta and Ronald Eric Fabio • Paul and Natalie Figueroa • First Covenant Church Oakland • Herman and Ann Gilbert • Laurie Goldman and Joshua Rider • Jan Gordon • Jason Gorski • Jim and Lynda Hampton • Phil Holderbein • Karen Hunt • Joann Johnson • Nina Johnson • Kelsey Kobayashi • Chris Lasack • Wilson Leong • Jennifer Lien • Daniel Livsey and Mary Reed • Charlotte Martinez • Jonathan and Varetta Mayes • Doug Mayne • Michael and Mary McKenna • Xanthy Michealsen • Oakland Worship Center • Jon and Nancy Norman • Brenda Paulin • Sarah Picker • Laurel and Gerald Przybylski • Jonathan and Arlyn Ranillo • Rob and Carolyn Rickett • Steve and Svetlana Robinson • David and Jen Roth • David and Charmaine Shen • Bill and Lynn Simpson • Brenda Smith • Eric Steckel and Marissa Suarez • Rich and Barbara Thompson • Ed and Stephanie Timmerman • Sally Van Etten and Lorenzo Bavoso • Jim and Sophia Wambach • Judith Wilson • John and Rose Woo • John and Dana Wu • Jan Zovickian

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