The History of
Children Rising

Empowering Communities to Empower Children to Rise Above

Children Rising started with a simple challenge to Oakland clergy from Dennis Chaconas, then-Superintendent of the Oakland Unified School District: “We need you and your congregations to adopt a neighborhood school!”

Randy Roth, senior pastor of First Covenant Church in Oakland, heard that message in 2000 and took the challenge to heart. With a leap of faith, Randy left the pastoral ministry and moved into uncharted waters. His vision was based on Jeremiah 29:7 – “Seek the shalom of the city where I have sent you and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its shalom you will find your shalom.” Shalom means more than just peace. It describes a whole and harmonious relationship with God and with our neighbors, as we act on our faith for the health, welfare, and prosperity of the community.

Within a year Faith Network of the East Bay, Inc. was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit corporation. The goal? Empowering communities to teach, mentor, and nourish our neighborhood children so they may develop academic and life skills to realize their God-given potential.

A Community Enablement Model Rises To Meet the Challenge

Randy was led by a spirit of servanthood and community enablement. As he met with school leaders, his first instinct was to ask: What do you need from us? We are here to serve.

On September 13, 2001 – two days after the horrific 9/11 terrorist attack – Randy and then-board chair Jon Blankmeyer met with Burbank Elementary School Principal Roberta Teller. Ms. Teller greeted them with warm hugs, saying “I want my school to be a safe place.” She hoped that we could provide something to heal and calm the school staff and teachers. “All the energy is going out, but nothing is coming in,” she explained. Randy had to admit to Ms. Teller that she and her staff were going to be guinea pigs, since Burbank would be our pilot program. She laughed and said she was game to try out this new relationship.

By mid-October, thanks to volunteers from four nearby churches, support was being provided by way of 1) Classroom Tutoring, 2) Playground Supervision, 3) Teacher Appreciation, 4) ESL Classes for Parents.

Over time, we got really good at first listening, and then providing programs that reach these enthusiastic, eager children at a critical time in their lives.

An engaged, caring adult demonstrates to these eager children and youth that they matter, and that someone is in their corner rooting for them. Although they face hurdles, they have a much fairer chance they so richly deserve for success in school and beyond.

Promising Children, Rising Above

Today, Children Rising is poised to make a generational impact in our community. We are a network of 200 tutors, 20 congregations, 25 diverse community partners, and four evidenced-based programs. Establishing this strong foundation of community service makes it possible for us to make a substantial difference in many more lives each year. In September of 2018, we launched a 4-year initiative with a goal to have 1,000 trained, equipped, and coached tutors transforming the lives of children and youth attending under-resourced public schools most affected by poverty, violence, and educational inequity.

More importantly, we will be able to come alongside 2,000 children and youth at a critical time in their life to nurture hope, the courage to dream, and the opportunity to thrive.

How a community nurtures eager children and youth to rise to their God-given potential

“It gives me great joy to contribute to a cause which is inspired and propelled by the Lord. Children Rising is a blessed organization, which brings hope, skills, and empowerment to so many young people and their families. Thank you for the wonderful work you, your staff, and volunteers continue to do in Oakland. You have developed programs that WORK, and that is really something.”

– Amy, Children Rising Volunteer

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