Just 3 Weeks Left To Help 200 Children SOAR!

By Jim Wambach | November 21, 2019

Jadon Wants To Soar

Will you help a struggling child like Jadon soar to his God-given potential today?

As we embarked on the “I Want To Soar” Project, we set a high bar.

Our goal? To provide the opportunity for 200 more second-grade children struggling with grade-level math and reading to SOAR!

We have reached the midway point, and are grateful for your response.

So far community donations, matched by several major donors, have provided the springboard for 139 children to take flight and soar to their potential.

But we have a ways to go! Your support will provide a springboard for 61 more children to SOAR this year!

As we enter the second half our Matching Fund Campaign, a group of donors, just like you, will continue to match any donation up to $50,000 if received by December 3rd (mail or online).

On top of that, we have received a generous grant from the We Raise Foundation. IF you give online, an additional gift will be given up to $20,000.

With your help, and the wonderful support of the We Raise Foundation, we will meet our goal to support 200 additional children through one-on-one tutoring in math and reading.

Thank you for whatever you can do to help a child have a fair chance and escape the cycle of poverty.


PS, Do you have family or friends who care about education and the future of children in Oakland? Help us tell others and raise support for “I Want To Soar” Project by sharing TODAY.

 I want to help a vulnerable child SOAR!


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