Happy National Teacher Appreciation Month!

By Sophia Wambach | May 1, 2020

Nominate your favorite teacher to be highlighted by GO Public Schools

It's National Teacher Appreciation Month

We want to applaud the hard work of our educators – they have stepped up to create distance learning environment on the fly.

It’s the first of May! It’s a bright, lovely day in the East Bay. And we’re kicking off National Teacher Appreciation Month by celebrating School Principals’ Day.

In this period of social distancing and school closures, we want to applaud the hard work of our educators. We are all dealing with disruptions to business as usual, but it was particularly difficult for our schools. Our educators immediately rose to the challenge of pivoting on the fly to provide distance learning, which is a significant adjustment. They have done a phenomenal job of keeping children and families engaged and connected. They are working especially hard to accomodate families with little access to the technology that makes distance learning more efficient and effective. And they have helped our Path2Math and Succeeding by Reading tutors stay connected with the students they have come to know and love.

Together as a school community – teachers, principals, administration, parents, and volunteers – our mission is to provide for our children academically and emotionally. That is true now more than ever. We are so proud of how they have all come together for the children.

Teachers form a bond with students, helping them academically and emotionally.

Teachers form a bond with students, helping them academically and emotionally.

We hope you will take a moment to appreciate and thank all of our educators for their dedication and hard work throughout the year, including our Path2Math and Succeeding by Reading team of tutors. Their heart and passion for the children shine through.

You can take it a step further by nominating a teacher you think is going above and beyond in support of our students. Each nominated teacher will receive a gift from GO Oakland and a feature on GO Oakland social media channels May 4th through May 8th.

I know a teacher that has gone above and beyond.

 I want to nominate a teacher today!

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