Maliha Gains Confidence, Excels in Math

By Eric Steckel | June 30, 2022

You Made Math “Easy” For an Eager Child

Maliha* was low on confidence in reading and math. And confidence makes such a difference in a child’s ability to learn difficult math concepts. It is also something that can be difficult to recover once it is lost.

Mahliha worked hard with her math tutor

Maliha lacked confidence and struggled with math. Thanks to dedicated work with Mr. Jim, “math is easy.”


Will you complete HER Circle of Care?

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Like 60% of elementary school children in California, Maliha was significantly behind grade level in math. It is a problem that has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Second- and third-grade students came back to full-time, in-person classrooms all over the curve in terms of what they had learned. It is difficult to create a lesson plan that engages and instructs children at different levels. Factor in the added strain of learning through the peaks and valleys of an ongoing global pandemic, and it’s easy to see how students and teachers have struggled this year.

“Children Rising has been able to provide the one-on-one support in math and reading our students and teachers desperately needed.“– Roma Groves-Waters, Principal, Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary

Roma Groves-Waters, Principal at Maliha’s school, agrees. “Our teachers are challenged this year more than ever before. Children Rising has been able to provide the one-on-one support in math and reading our students and teachers desperately needed.“

Confidence Is Important to Child Learning

When Maliha joined Path2Math in October, she was eager to learn and made an instant connection with Mr. Jim, her tutor. The first thing they worked on was building up the young girl’s confidence.

Maliha gained confidence in math

Your support of one-on-one tutoring helps children like Maliha find a safe space to learn. Student connections are key to a child’s progress.

“Making student connections to learning is key to student progress,” said Mrs. Groves-Waters.

Confident and happy, Maliha had found her safe space. She worked hard each week and was encouraged to express herself. Before long, what had been so difficult became “easy.”

“Math is easy because you’ve been working so hard,” Mr. Jim explained to the young girl. “You’ve been focused and putting your studies first.”

Maliha will continue with online tutoring during the Summer. With focus and hard work, she will reach grade level in math.

It costs just $500 to empower an eager child with comprehension and confidence in math for an entire school year. Thank you!

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* Children Rising respects the privacy of our students. While all the stories we share are genuine and true, we change names and use stock photography when needed to protect student privacy.

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