Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by Encouraging and Embracing Our Brothers and Sisters

By Eric Steckel | September 16, 2022

Let Education Be the Great Includer

Hispanic Heritage Month 2022Yesterday marked the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States. It began in 1968 to celebrate the history, culture, and contributions of those who came to the country from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America.

Today we continue to celebrate those contributions, but the name itself has become controversial. Even the supposed need to celebrate our brothers and sisters raises concern for some. To some, it further underscores the notion that they are somehow different. To others, it fails to capture the notion that the only commonality among these groups is their shared language.

As we reflect today, I consider ways that we can both celebrate the diversity of the cultures that make up America in 2022 and find ways to ensure that they are fully embraced in this melting pot we call America.

Will you complete HER Circle of Care?

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They say that education, and reading and math, in particular, is the great equalizer. I would say that it is also the great “includer.”

Latino Student at Prescott Elementary School

Hispanic Heritage Month is our opportunity to celebrate, embrace, and encourage diverse cultures in America. Education can be the “great includer.”

Many of the children in our Succeeding by Reading and Path2Math programs are Hispanic or Latino. For a variety of reasons, the majority of the children in our programs are two or more grade levels behind in reading and math. By coming alongside these eager young children, we embrace them and tell them that they matter. We see them. And we celebrate them.

Along the way, we also enable them to learn fundamental reading and math skills so they may rise to their God-given potential.

For the children.

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