Meet Jeyla, Who You Helped Thrive In Math

By Eric Steckel | October 21, 2022

Your Support Meant She, Mr. Gabe, & Her Family Worked on Math Together

Your gifts meant Jeyla, Mr. Gabe, and her family could work on math together this Summer. Accelerated child learning flourishes when family, school, and tutors are on the same page.

It all started with determination. “When I am bored, I like to do math or pretend I am in school,” Jeyla said.

The ability to learn processes, and the determination to master them, served her well during the COVID pandemic. However, when Jeyla’s family heard she was struggling with math after returning to the classroom, they enrolled her in the Path2Math summer learning program.

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“Jeyla enjoys working on her own. A little bit of one-on-one help goes a long way in answering her ‘process questions,’ ” her Aunt Moesha explained. “Once she’s into the math routine and doing it all the time, she’s ‘lights out,’ so it was terrific for her to do Path2Math during the summer.”

“A little bit of one-on-one help goes a long way…Once she’s into the math routine and doing it all the time, she’s ‘lights out.’” – Moesha, Jeyla’s Aunt

Family engagement was beneficial. “We’ve been able to go into orientations, ask questions, and get tips and help. We’ve watched her one-on-one tutoring and helped her out after the session. It’s been good.” They encourage Jeyla to use the IXL learning platform outside her tutoring sessions. “Although the sessions are over for the summer, she’s been able to go in there and practice math regularly. It’s helpful to have the tools she needs.”

Jeyla online tutoring with Mr. Gabe.

Your support meant Jeyla, Mr. Gabe, and her family worked on math together. Accelerated learning happens when the family, school, and tuto are on the same page.

They believe that one-on-one tutoring makes a big difference. “It’s innate for kids to listen to certain people over others. It just seems like somebody who can be on the outside and look at her as a student and not as family, and can grasp and home in on this one section of her learning is more beneficial to her overall learning.” Moesha explained.

Jeyla benefits from this holistic approach, where family, school, and tutors are on the same page.

Your gifts will ensure Jeyla receives the support she needs.

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