Joaquin Is Nearly Back to Grade-Level Reading

By Eric Steckel | May 8, 2023

Your Support Provided Twice a Week Tutoring to an Eager Kid!

Your support provides Joaquin a little extra support to get back to grade-level reading.

Not all children learn at the same pace. Sometimes it takes an eager kid a little extra time to catch on.

Joaquin* struggled with reading. He enrolled in Succeeding by Reading as a second-grader in 2021 and received a POWER Pack last Summer to continue working on his reading skills. Despite significant progress, he still wasn’t quite up to grade level in reading.

His mother, Reyna, struggles to support his efforts personally. “I don’t have time to help Jason during the week. On the weekend, I have time, but I’m unable to help him in English.”

A caring tutor supports grade-level reading

He re-enrolled this year and began working twice a week with long-time tutor Suzanne Bourque. Joaquin is eager to learn, and through Succeeding by Reading, his parents receive the support they need to ensure their son gets the added instruction he needs.

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Through one-on-one reading and math tutoring, and family support, you will nurture an eager child in a circle of care so they may succeed in school.

“Joaquin loves to read. The challenge has been keeping him within the limits of what he knows and gradually advancing to bigger and better words because he wants to keep going and just read, read, read,” Miss Suzanne shared.

“I keep coming back because I like relating to these little kids. I enjoy it, and I learn a lot from them.”

Joaquin returned for another year and is nearly back to grade-level reading. The continuum of learning was critical for him to master the basics of reading. “The nice thing about being one-on-one is that you can work on relating to the child and give all your energy to that one kid,” Suzanne said.

Your gifts supported twice a week tutoring for eager kids like Joaquin.

“I think it’s better this year because we’re doing two days a week, which I think is the smartest thing we’ve done,” Suzanne continued. “The nice thing about being one-on-one is that you can work on (relating to the child) and give all your energy to that one kid.”

Reyna is thrilled with Joaquin’s progress. “His father and I don’t have much time to dedicate to Joaquin, so this program has been very helpful.”

Your support ensured Bryanna and Joaquin received the care and attention they needed to get back to grade level in reading.

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* Children Rising respects the privacy of our students. While all the stories we share are genuine and true, we change names as needed to protect student privacy.

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