Volunteer Tutoring: Why Relationships Matter So Much

By Eric Steckel | April 1, 2024

One-on-one tutoring helps complete a child’s circle of care

“It’s all about relationships.”

Samuel and Eric (volunteer tutoring) work on math together.

Relationships take time to grow and develop. Your support of Children Rising ensures that tutors can work one-on-one with children struggling in reading and math.

If you have spent a year as a tutor, you are no doubt nodding your head in agreement. The relationship between a child and their tutor is precious. Once trust is built, that’s when the magic happens, and learning is amplified. That’s why Children Rising’s one-on-one volunteer tutoring programs are so special.

Your time pouring love and attention into an eager child is a critical component. You give them the one-on-one support they need to succeed in school … and in life.

Will you complete HER Circle of Care?

Through one-on-one reading and math tutoring, and family support, you will nurture an eager child in a circle of care so they may succeed in school.

Sometimes, forging those critical relationships takes time and determination. Some children are defensive and have their guard up. Others struggle with reading or math and know it. They may feel embarrassed and act out to conceal what they don’t know. However, relationships form over time, with care and patience, and that is when child learning takes off.

“In January, Samuel returned, and things changed. It was like a switch flipped in him. He was suddenly glad to see me.”

This year I personally experienced a slowly-formed relationship with Samuel, a second-grader in Path2Math. When tutoring commenced in October, Samuel let us know he did not want to participate in math club and did not want to work with me. I was concerned that I wouldn’t make that breakthrough with Samuel.

Samuel with Math Work

Samuel has worked hard, especially since a strong relationship formed between him and his tutor. Now, he proudly shows off his work, delighted by his progress.

I didn’t know that Samuel was also struggling outside of Path2Math. English was his second language, and learning in the classroom was difficult. When he became increasingly disruptive in class, he took a monthlong break from math club at his teacher’s request.

In January, Samuel returned, and things changed. It was like a switch flipped in him. He was suddenly glad to see me, and even gave me a big hug when he came in from recess. He worked hard, both in math club and at home. Over the past two months, he has accelerated his learning in ways I could never have imagined. When he started, he was at a kindergarten level in math. Despite the interruption in tutoring, he has advanced an entire grade level in his math scores.

Samuel still has a ways to go to get to grade level in math. But now that we are working as partners, he is eager to learn and succeed. It was all about the relationship!

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