Aurora’s Trick to Learning Multiplication

By Eric Steckel | May 14, 2024

Harnessing Out-of-the-box Thinking Encourages Her to Learn Math
Aurora with computer

Personalized tutoring provides children with opportunities to think outside of the box and learn in their own unique way.

There are days when the children make us smile in wonder.

Aurora, an eager second-grader in Path2Math, loves the IXL learning program. She often works on math at home, so it’s no surprise that she is making significant progress.

“I’m looking at the clock because each number is like counting by fives!”

A few weeks ago, Michelle Hutcherson, Path2Math program manager, began working with Aurora on multiplication. The young girl had recently learned to tell time. As they worked together on multiples of five and ten, Aurora seemed to look up in the air before answering each problem. Michelle finally asked her why she kept looking at the wall.

“I’m not looking at the wall,” she said in her sweet little voice. “I’m looking at the clock because each number is like counting by fives!”

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Michelle was amazed. “That made my day! I was blown away at her method of learning, which was perfectly spot-on!”

One-on-one, high-impact tutoring can reveal each child’s unique learning style. By encouraging and harnessing a little out-of-the-box thinking, children are supported in their learning, and that encouragement fills them with hope and confidence.

When we witness children making those connections by themselves, it makes us smile in wonder and pride.

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