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About Giving Gatherings

Hope for Children Now Giving Gatherings is your opportunity to meet and fellowship with caring members of the Children Rising family. Giving Gatherings are a series of four small, intimate events hosted in the homes of Children Rising supporters throughout Oakland and the East Bay. Please join us for a two-hour gathering with delicious food, engaging conversation, and inspiring stories about our kids.

Meet their circle of care.

Hear stories of children and families in Children Rising programs. Be inspired by the circle of care—the loving parents and caregivers, caring tutors, and passionate educators—that nurture and empower kids to succeed in reading and math.

Indulge in fine food and drink.

Enjoy a delectable spread of small bites and refreshments throughout the event.

An Invitation to be generous and give a child a fairer chance to succeed in school.

Discover the Power of Your Gift: Learn how your gift will provide a child with a one-on-one tutor. Your generosity will nurture a child in a circle of care, and give them a fairer chance to succeed in school … and in life.

Dates and Locations

Sunday, April 14th, 4 – 6:00 p.m.

Hosted by Robin and Dave Sweet,
Kathy Drake, and Chris Nichols
213 Bonita Ave
Piedmont, CA 94611

Saturday, April 20th, 4 – 6:00 p.m.

Hosted by Glynis Mason, Henrietta Fabio,
and Jonathan Becker
5656 Weaver Place
Oakland, CA 94619

Saturday, May 4th, 4 – 6 p.m.

Hosted by Mayotis and Garlin Cephas, Gabe Togneri,
and Jeff and Linda McClain
716 Trestle Glen Rd
Oakland, CA 94610

Saturday, May 18th, 4 – 6 p.m.

Hosted by L.K. Monroe and Steve Rowell
724 Arimo Ave
Oakland, CA 94610

“I am a firm believer in reaping what we sow. Children Rising is a great place to plant, cultivate, and help harvest a bright future for those coming behind us. Children are indeed our future, and through our giving, we can help make this world better than we found it.”

– Varetta Mayes, longtime Children Rising supporter and volunteer.

Thank you to our generous Sponsors!

Tom and Diane Branagh
Kerry and Leila Gough
Don and Karyn Kintzer
Julie Knell
Jeff and Linda McClain
Randy Roth
Steve Rowell
Dave and Robin Sweet
Richard and Barbara Thompson
Jim and Sophia Wambach

Yes, I want to support the circle of care!