Health For Kids

“We noticed a lot of students coming to school hungry.”

– Principal Roma Groves, Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School

How does hunger impact a child’s education?

Many children who are dependent on school-supplied breakfasts and lunches go home to empty cupboards and refrigerators over the weekend. Too often, these students come to school on Monday morning hungry, and unable to learn. We know that healthy lifestyles are crucial to student learning and overall well-being. Hunger should not get in the way of a child’s ability to learn.

Healthy lifestyles promote student learning

Health4Kids is designed to address the multifaceted health issues affecting thousands of children and families in our community. In response to the need expressed by our schools’ staff, we are packing bags of nourishing, kid-friendly food and recipes for children to take home from school every other Friday. Through our partnership with the Alameda County Community Food Bank and other agencies, we can prepare and deliver food bags to hungry children.

Together, we provide for the practical needs of students so they can learn and reach their full potential.

I want to promote healthy lifestyles for children