Isaiah Jackson Is On His Way to Firefighting

By Eric Steckel | October 27, 2022

You Helped Him Gain Confidence In His Career Decision

Isaiah had reservations about becoming a firefighter. Your support of CareerBridge helped him gain confidence in his career decision.

Isaiah Jackson, a recent high school graduate, joined CareerBridge after a chance meeting with Program Director Margena Wade-Green. He spent the summer at his dream internship with the Crockett Fire Department.

“I like to help people,” he explained.

One of the CareerBridge mentors had a brother in the tight-knit Crockett Fire Department. Before long, Isaiah was exploring what it means to be a firefighter in the quaint, historic town on the edge of San Francisco Bay.

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Isaiah feels extremely fortunate to have been offered the opportunity.

“The Crockett Fire Department is amazing. They provide training and make sure you have what you need to succeed. It was awesome to be in the fire station, go on calls, and do stuff physically.”

The internship had a significant impact on his career aspirations.

“I had been on the fence about firefighting. There is a risk factor in the job,” Isaiah explained. “When I talked to the station firefighters, they made me feel more confident in the profession.”

As part of the CareerBridge program, Isaiah was paired with a career mentor, Children Rising Board Member Henrietta Fabio.

“The Crockett Fire Department is amazing. They made me feel like a member of the team which was awesome.” – Isaiah Jackson, CareerBridge Intern

“Ms. Henrietta was great. She put me in touch with counselors and helped me understand what I am walking into. She helped me find scholarships and funding for college. She made a significant difference in me going to college,” Isaiah said.

Now that he is confident in his career choice, there is much work to do. Isaiah enrolled at Chabot College, co-majoring in firefighting and math. He is taking classes such as fire tech and fire fitness, both prerequisites for the fire academy.

“Isaiah has a dream and vision, and I believe this conscientious young man will achieve it,” Henrietta said.

Your support will enable Isaiah to become a firefighter.

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