Nurturing Tutor Instills Hope and Confidence In a Young Girl

By Eric Steckel | February 1, 2023

Jimena’s Recovery from COVID Trauma Aided by Compassionate Tutors You Supported
Heartbreaking Shift to Remote Learning
Jimena with Miss Karen

Nurturing tutors Instill hope and confidence. You provided the love and care for Jimena to overcome learning loss.

The sudden transition to remote learning was shocking to children, educators, and caregivers everywhere. It created a “perfect storm” of lost learning time with devastating, sometimes traumatic effects on many children.

“The pandemic hit her (Jimena) hard. When school shut down and she had to learn online, she withdrew.”—Jazmin, the mother of Succeeding by Reading student Jimena

Your support of Jimena*, a once-eager first-grader in our Succeeding by Reading tutoring program, helped her overcome considerable setbacks she experienced from online schooling. “Jimena always wanted to be a learner,” said her mother, Jazmin. “But the pandemic hit her hard. When school shut down and she had to learn online, she withdrew. She could just turn off the camera and do something other than schoolwork.”

As a mother, Jazmin watched helplessly as her daughter struggled with the sudden change and fell behind in her studies. “It was stressful. My parents never taught me at home because they were from Mexico, and their first language was Spanish. When it was my turn to help Jimena, I didn’t know how.”

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Traumatizing Effects of COVID

The fear and anxiety caused by the COVID-19 pandemic took a heavy toll on children like Jimena, who witnessed loved ones getting sick and even dying.

Jazmin and Jimena take a selfie.

Your support of FamilyBridge enables Jazmin to confidently support Jimena in school. The family has come a long way since struggling with COVID.

“It was a tough period for Jimena. I was hospitalized for six months. They weren’t sure I was going to make it out. I don’t know what went through her head—maybe she was in a dark place, and learning wasn’t a priority to her,” Jazmin revealed.

When Jazmin finally recovered and returned home, both mother and daughter were left with deep emotional scars. “When Jimena returned to school, it was very stressful for her. She left me voicemails pleading for me to come back home. She was scared she wouldn’t see me again, and I don’t think she wanted to learn at that moment,” Jazmin recalled.

Thanks to your gifts, Jimena is receiving the critical, extra bit of instruction she needs to overcome her learning loss.

Hope for the Future with a Caring Tutor

Miss Karen, a caring and nurturing tutor, has been working with Jimena for the past year, providing her with the love and support she needs to succeed.

Jimena and Miss Karen reading through a book.

You make it possible for Jimena to receive caring, nurturing support from Miss Karen. Together, they are building a bridge of hope for a better future.

“Jimena is eager to learn and always wants to finish the bookworm chart, maybe so she can get through it and receive the stickers,” Miss Karen said. “It is great when Jimena asks a question that shows she understands the context of the passage and wants to know more.”

Jazmin has watched her daughter blossom. “I see her read nowadays, and this is not a Jimena from a few months back. She’s pushing for it. Sometimes she gets frustrated, but I say, ‘Take it step by step. You’ll eventually get it, and Miss Karen is there to help you succeed,'” said Jazmin.

Thanks to your gifts, Jimena has been able to receive the extra help she needs to recover and thrive.

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