Farewell to Board Member Daniel Livsey

By Eric Steckel | November 14, 2023

A Legacy of Financial Leadership and Compassion For the Children
Daniel Livsey Family

Daniel hopes to get back to tutoring now that he’s left the board and his kids permit him more time.

It is with mixed emotions that we bid farewell to Daniel Livsey, a valued, long-time member of our board of directors. After six years of service, Daniel’s second term comes to an end.

Daniel’s journey with Children Rising began long before he joined the board. Growing up in Oakland and attending First Covenant Church, where Children Rising was founded, he witnessed the organization’s growth from its early days.

“Ever since its founding in 2001, I have supported Children Rising financially and tutored for several years. Not as much recently because I have my own kids!” Daniel shared. “I’d thought about being on the board, but I was a little intimidated to ask to join.” The retirement of Randy Roth, the former lead pastor of FCC who founded Children Rising, prompted Daniel to take a more significant step and join the board in 2017.

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He recognized the opportunity to contribute his financial expertise to the organization. Serving as the treasurer for several years, Daniel played a crucial role in reviewing financial statements, providing insights, and ensuring fiscal responsibility. His impact extended beyond numbers; he facilitated understanding among board members, translating complex financial details into actionable insights. Daniel’s talents were a cornerstone in guiding Children Rising to a solid financial footing.

One of Daniel’s highlights wasn’t directly board-related but showcased the heart of Children Rising—the Hope for Children Now Gala. “I think that it’s just a really cool event in unique venues, such as the Rotunda Room and Children’s Fairyland. I like meeting with the volunteers and donors and seeing the kids up there who have had some success talk a little about their relationship with their tutor and how they’ve improved their reading or math.” The gala, as he expressed, was a celebration of the Children Rising community coming together to support a shared mission.

Daniel and Mary at A’s Game

As Daniel bids farewell to the board, he leaves a lasting legacy of financial leadership, compassion, and a deep commitment to the mission of Children Rising.

Looking forward, Daniel expressed a simple yet powerful hope for Children Rising—that it continues its mission of aiding Oakland’s youth in improving their reading and math skills. “I think it’s just as simple as that. There’s obviously a big gap between certain schools just miles apart, so let’s continue giving these kids a better shot with reading and math skills.”

As Daniel bids farewell to the board, he leaves a lasting legacy of financial leadership, compassion, and a deep commitment to the mission of Children Rising. His impact will be felt in the improved financial stability of the organization and the countless children who have benefited from its programs.

It won’t be the last we see of Daniel. “I hope to volunteer again at some point,” he revealed.

Thank you, Daniel, for your dedicated service, and we look forward to your continued involvement in shaping the future of Children Rising.

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