Cisco Foundation Donates $75,000 to Enhance Path2Math Tutoring Program

By Eric Steckel | July 7, 2022

Community Impact Grant Empowers Children Struggling With Elementary Math

Children Rising is pleased to be the recipient of a generous grant from Cisco Foundation’s San Francisco Bay Area Community Impact Grant Program. The $75,000 award marks the third consecutive year Cisco has supported Children Rising’s Path2Math program, addressing low childhood numeracy in under-resourced, Title 1 elementary schools in Oakland.

Brooklyn and her tutor Mr. Paul.

Cisco’s support of Path2Math helps eager young children overcome unfinished learning, and decades of educational inequity.

Addressing Educational Inequity in the East Bay

Educational inequity is a social injustice impacting children living in low-income neighborhoods throughout the East Bay. Many elementary school children, primarily Black and Latino, have not benefited from individual attention in their early years that many other children commonly receive, either in school or at home. These children struggled to perform at grade level before the pandemic, with a disproportionate number dropping out of school.

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Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic increased the learning discrepancies of these children even further compared to their peers living in more affluent neighborhoods. At the beginning of the current school year, OUSD I-Ready testing scores indicated that 72% of second-graders and 74% of third-graders attending Title 1 schools began the year at least two grade levels behind in their numeracy abilities.

In the coming years we, as a community, must act quickly to provide additional support for these children. Otherwise, they will continue to lag far behind in foundational reading and math skills, and we will experience a tremendous rise in the failure rate for thousands of children in our local neighborhoods.

Grant Supports High-dosage Tutoring and Family Empowerment

The Cisco Foundation’s Bay Area Community Impact Grant program’s mission is to close the education achievement gap for low-income kindergarten through fifth-grade students in the Bay Area.

“Students falling behind in grades K-5 potentially face limits on their access to higher education and career opportunities, especially in STEM subjects and fields. The achievement gap begins at an early age and, unfortunately, follows many of these students throughout their educational and career journey.”

Through the grant, Children Rising will enhance Path2Math programming to provide higher dosage levels of tutoring to each child in the program while enabling parents and guardians to provide more confident and enhanced academic support at home.

Nakoa practices math at home.

Your gifts strengthen the team supporting these amazing children so that many more will become active, confident learners and thrive in school.

We believe the result of this enhanced learning approach will allow young elementary school students to prepare for more advanced learning in fifth grade, middle school, and beyond, giving them a much more equitable chance of success throughout their school years.

By strengthening the team supporting these amazing children of Oakland—parents, teachers, and tutors—many more children will become active, confident learners and thrive in school instead of dropping out.

Thanks to the Cisco Foundation. We are grateful to once again be part of the San Francisco Bay Area Community Impact Grant Program, and to work together to empower children and families in our community.

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