U.S. Students Lag in Science Proficiency

By Chelsea Boniak
March 22, 2011

The percentage of students in the United States proficient in science decreases steadily as grade level increases. This is a national concern as the world becomes more technologically competitive and dependent. Here is the article from the Boston Globe that gives specific statistics as well as addresses achievement gaps among people groups.

Furtures Elementary Faces Teacher Layoffs

By Children Rising
March 22, 2011

Here are two articles of interest that shed light on the need within our local and national public school system:

Futures Elementary in East Oakland is one of Children Rising’s schools. Although we have Science Horizons, Succeeding by Reading and Health4Kids programs at this school, they are facing huge challenges. Here is the article from the Oakland Tribune with Principal Daubenspeck’s reaction to recent teacher layoff announcements.

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