Writing and Puzzle Practice

By Children Rising
March 22, 2013

With his new workbook, Erick gets to write more, and this week, he made two short ‘i’ sentences. First he wrote, “The fish looks like a rainbow.” Before beginning his second sentence, he asked if he could use “fish” again. I told him he had to pick something else, so he picked “wish” and quickly wrote, “I wish the fish was jumping.”

We worked on some short ‘o’ words and moved onto reading. We started A Fly Went By which involves a fly being chased by a frog that is being chased by a cat that is being chased by a dog that is being chased by a pig…and that’s where we stopped because Erick was yawning.

“Would you like a break?” I asked, and Erick gladly accepted.
“Let’s do a puzzle!”

Erick likes the word puzzles. The first few times that we worked on the puzzles, I noticed that he put the letters together based on whether or not they physically fit. He wouldn’t even look at the words that he was forming. It would take 20 minutes to make eight words.
Now Erick pays attention to the letters as he lays them down and he spells the words out based on the letters on the puzzle piece rather than the shape. He can finish the same eight words in about five minutes now.

Next week is Spring Break for OUSD, and the week after, I will select some science books for Erick to read. I noticed that he is not as interested in fiction (though he does like Dr. Seuss books) as he is in learning about space and animals. Good thing we have some books about animals with photographs so there might be less yawning next time we meet!

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